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<% if request.Form("add") = "true" then Query = "select * FROM password where email = '" & request.Form("email") & "'" Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") RS.Open Query, test_connector, 3, 3 if RS.bof and RS.eof then RS.addnew RS("password") = request.form("password") RS("user_name") = request.form("first_name") & " " & request.form("last_name") RS("email") = request.form("email") RS("admin") = request.form("admin") RS("first_name") = request.form("first_name") RS("last_name") = request.form("last_name") RS("address1") = request.form("address1") RS("address2") = request.form("address2") RS("city") = request.form("city") RS("prov") = request.form("prov") RS("zip") = request.form("zip") RS("country") = request.form("country") RS("test") = request.form("test") RS("test_left") = request.form("trys") RS.update response.Write "User Added to Database email's turned off no email sent." else response.write "
The email is already in database
" end if end if %>

First Name
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Postal Code/Zip
Email Address
Choose Test
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When you create a new user and specify only one test it creates a new user account which can then only take the one single test you chose here. If you select all tests they can then select test to take from a menu similar to the admin test menu.
User Level:
Number of try's
Disabled on Free Test
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