<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"%> Online Test Login Page <% ' onload puts the cursor into the email field when page loads %>

<% if request.Form("login") = "true" then email = request.Form("email") password = request.Form("password") if instr(1,email,"'") > 0 then response.Redirect("index.asp") end if if instr(1,password,"'") > 0 then response.Redirect("index.asp") end if Query = "select * FROM password where email='" & email & "' and password = '" & password & "'" Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") RS.Open Query, test_connector, 3, 3 login_true = false if (not RS.bof) and (not RS.eof) then login_true = true session("access_level") = RS("admin") session("user_email") = RS("email") session("mm_username") = RS("user_name") session("id") = RS("id") session("country") = RS("country") session("prov") = RS("prov") response.Redirect("test_main.asp") end if RS.Close if login_true = false then Response.Write "

The User Name / Password you tried to use can not be found in our database please try again

" end if else %>

Test Builder



For information on getting Test Builder on your site please visit the Test Builder Main Site

Please note that there are many features of Test Builder that are disabled in this free version of the code. Please visit my site to buy the full version to receive these disabled features.

<% end if %>