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<% Query = "select * FROM test_name" Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") RS.Open Query, test_connector, 3, 3 if (not RS.eof) and (not RS.bof) then alldata=RS.getrows numrows=ubound(alldata,2) RS.close %> <% for x = 0 to numrows %> <% next %>
Test Name
One Page
All Questions
<%= alldata(1,x) %>
<% else %> I am sorry there are no test's available to take <% end if%>

Free Test Builder has one test option only and that is "One Page All Questions" when you buy full Test Builder you will also have the option to have questions given "One question per page" which is the primary way to take tests. Tests will be given in random order with questions also in random order. You can also select how many questions will be given (so you can give 20 random questions out of 50 questions pool). High Score is also removed along with printable versions of the tests page and answer sheet.