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<% Query = "select * FROM password" Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") RS.Open Query, test_connector, 3, 3 if (not RS.eof) and (not RS.bof) then alldata=RS.getrows numrows=ubound(alldata,2) RS.close %> <% for x = 0 to numrows %> <% next %> <% else %> <% end if %>
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* Resetting password will create new random password and email that to user. Make sure the user's email is correct and that email sending available.

** If tests left is negative that would indicate that test limits are not set. To allow limited number of tests taken per user account enable test limits in the test_connect.asp file.

*** If test name is blank that means users is allowed to take all tests. This field is ignored for admin accounts. When blank for guests they will login the admin main but not have admin menu and allow them to take tests in either one page all questions or one question per page tests. They will not have access to printable versions of test though.